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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Activities

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This is our first activity, the Magazine.. Macho is me... heheh... owkei ra??
This is making a color harmony with the use of sayings...
This was once an empty room but i filled it with decorations..

This is a poster making activity... Although this looks like a tarpaulin , I may put it in front of a  music instruments shop..

So obvious right?? A pimple removal activity... So fun and worth  it...

Have you ever know that this cap of Maja is just a pasted one... Yes it is... By the power of adobe!!! heheh...
This is a logo intended for BSIS course... Bachelor of Science in Information Sytems (BSIS)program trains professionals who are skilled in designing and implementing IT solutions to improve business processes..The course provides extensive hands-on training on the use and application of business and management software.  Graduates and even students can gain a certificate in Programming NC-IV after passing the skills certification test conducted by the Technical Education and Skills Development authority (TESDA).

The pen- the pen symbolizes art, literature, knowledge...  As it is defined, BSIS professionals are also designers(designing is an art),  and our teacher as discussed in our lesson says that, "A good designer put his/her works on papers before doing anything in the computer.. So i put the as a represantation of art in BSIS..

The Book- as again defined, they implement IT solutions to improve business processes.. To do that, it requires a lot of thinking, it involves knowledge... And for me, a book symbolizes knowledge...

The laptop- the course BSIS is course of the computer world.. Making the computer a solution of managing a business through business and management softwares..

the ribbon- (char2 ra gud si..ehh!!) i use it as a medium that is being written by the pen that this logo is designed by  a CSU student.. ahahahahahah.. (labod, may ra bag nindot!!!.. ahahah!!)

the school logo- for identification porpuses... char2 guro gihapon... heheheh...
This is to show you that this Christmas, we have to share ourselves to others and open our hearts through the power of giving...

My last activity... A magazine for those people who likes speed and be furious.. heheheh... 

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act.1: ok ra..
act.2: wew!!
act.3: ay naunsa bah...
..and so on and so forth... thnx!!

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